and passionate

We love what we do and we keep our customers close. The best solutions come from tight collaborations.

We see
the big picture

Everything we do is always based on solid research. Before we solve your problem we need to know it’s the one that needs solving.

A reliable

As a part of Alten, a global technology company with a wide range of competences, we are a reliable partner in every project.

We are a passionate team with a wide range of competences. Our strength lies in the ability to provide a package solution – from sketch to finished product utilizing our mix of disciplines, from design research, visualization and industrial design to solid engineering

Our Offers


Product Design

Innovation comes from unique insights. A deep understanding of the interaction between the product and its users is essential for a successful result. We use a user-centered design process where we include all other service areas within Alten such as Mechanics, Analysis and Simulation and Software Development. Thru user studies, concept development and analysis we produce innovative and user friendly solutions.

Interaction Design

Interaction design is about simplifying a complex flow of information and turning it in to user friendly and visually compelling interfaces, digital and physical. Focusing on your end users we develop products based on their experience, needs and demands. We work closely with experienced software developers and with an agile work process we turn ideas into reality.

Service Design

A service is designed like a complex system where infrastructure, communication and products as well as the user interaction with said parts all make important components. Thru thorough user studies we create an understanding of the customer demands, expectations, skills, experience and satisfaction. In that way we make it possible to develop and structure the service to become more user-friendly and relevant.

Communication and Visualization

Todays technology allows us to create explicit and visually compelling marketing material for products and solutions that previously would have been very costly to produce. Our wide knowledge in communication and visualisation makes it possible for us to illustrate complex products and services in a time and cost effective manner, helping our customers getting their message out.

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Our Process



Our research aims at identifying insights, customer-needs and opportunities that can help to create more valuable and relevant products and services. We find insights by studying your customers, your market and technology relevant to your company. Our design research will bring you closer to your customers, and help you gain unique knowledge opening up new opportunities, while at the same time reduce costs.


We are experts at finding creative solutions addressing complex requirements and your costumer’s needs. Using our methodically approach, technical know how and splendid visualization skills we develop a wide range of possible solutions and concepts. Utilizing Alten’s collective expertise and the insights we gather in the research phase, we evaluate our ideas and iterate our way towards the best possible concept!


We love making our idea´s become reality. Alten’s wide range of expertise give us the possibility to form multidisciplinary teams with the skillset needed to make most concepts into reality. Trough an iterative agile process we create production-ready solutions or finished products. We are a reliable partner from star to finish.


We can help you create material needed in order to give your products and services the best possible prerequisites. Our technical writers and CGI artists produce aftermarket materials such as installation manuals and training material and sales materials such as pictures and animations. Our visualization and communication department will help communicate the value of you offering and make your products and services even easier to understand and use.



At Alten Sweden we develop and deliver expertise for World-leading companies through committed engineering and IT Consultants. Our customers are found in the Energy, Telecom, Automotive, Defense & Aerospace and other industries and we cover the whole Product development cycle. We are a part of the Alten Group and have a workforce of over 20,000 in 20 countries.


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