and passionate

We love what we do and we keep our customers close. The best solutions come from tight collaborations.

We see
the big picture

Everything we do is always based on solid research. Before we solve your problem we need to know it’s the one that needs solving.

A reliable

As a part of Alten, a global technology company with a wide range of competences, we are a reliable partner in every project.

We are a passionate team with a wide range of competences. Our strength lies in the ability to provide a package solution – from sketch to finished product utilizing our mix of disciplines, from design research, visualization and industrial design to solid engineering

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At Alten Sweden we develop and deliver expertise for World-leading companies through committed engineering and IT Consultants. Our customers are found in the Energy, Telecom, Automotive, Defense & Aerospace and other industries and we cover the whole Product development cycle. We are a part of the Alten Group and have a workforce of over 20,000 in 20 countries.


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