A new service user experience

A service design project for Husqvarna Construction Products

Husqvarna Construction Products needed help to improve the customer experience in their service business. In order to strengthen the market position, all aspects of the customer relations needed to be taken into consideration. Husqvarna Construction Products needed a professional after-sales function with focus on high quality service, professional market presence and strong brand communication. The customers must feel secure in knowing that their products will be reliable with minimised down-time, regardless of planned or unplanned servicing repair.

To be able to develop a new service concept, a thorough pre-study, including user studies and benchmarking, was done. Service centers at Husqvarna and its competitors where analysed to gain insight and map potential problem areas. Also, similar businesses where studied in search of inspiration and new thinking.

All important aspects of the research where consolidated into insights that were particularly valuable during the conceptual phase. A collaborative design process that included diverse areas such as branding, layout and workshop set up, marketing material and service process was carried out in order to come up with a new holistic service concept.

The result of this project was a completely new service concept. With help of the detailed guidelines and implementation plans that were created, the concept will be implemented worldwide in order to maintain a consistently high service quality level. The concept includes everything from complete branding to detailed workshop setup.

With the help of an explicit service concept it is easy to realize the core values of the company and strengthen the global brand perception. A service center is more than just service. It’s a way to display new products and share knowledge that creates long customer relations.