Cost-effective and user-friendly manuals

A Communication and Visualization project for Husqvarna

The aim of this project was to improve the brand recognition between products and make the manuals more user-friendly. CAD images were used instead of photos, which lead to a smoother process and lower costs while creating clearer schematic images. Update of manuals due to product modifications was also in the scope as well as improved repair procedures.

ALTEN chose to abandon studio photos in favor of Husqvarna’s CAD material. As this approach has no physical or logistical limitations, it was easy to illustrate complex elements with heavy or bulky details. This allowed us to generate vectored-based line drawings, making it easy to highlight details in focus, and naturally integrate arrows and movements to provide even greater clarity.

To illustrate more demanding service elements, animations were created allowing the user to follow proceedings step-by-step on their computer or tablet.

All new products launched by Husqvarna Construction now uses this standard of manuals. The project also resulted in a new interactive approach to troubleshooting with a series of questions, replacing the traditional instructions used before. This material is also used in engineer training programmes, and will be generate important input in updates of products.