Development of mobile sales app

An interaction design project for SCA

Tork’s wide range of products and broad customer base poses challenges for Tork’s sales representatives. Alten was tasked with creating an application that would streamline and simplify the day-to-day work of Tork’s sales staff. The app also needed to work as a tool for SCA in order to monitor and ensure continuity and quality through out all their sales activities.

The project was carried out by a cross-functional team with competences from the Design and Visualization department and the Integrated Systems department at Alten. The final result is a mobile application that works like a Digital product catalogue on steroids. It is linked to SCA’s CRM system, making it easy for the user to document the sales process on the go.

The app also makes it possible for the sales representatives to quickly and easily compare Tork’s products with a competitors offers. This comparison function makes it easy for the customer to understand the value of Tork’s offering. Lastly, the app facilitates the sales staff when arranging free product trials for potential costumers. After the trial, the app generates a unique customer satisfaction-questionnaire. The result from the questionnaire is then used to tailor an offering to the individual customer.