Development of mobile X-ray unit

A multi-disciplinary design project for Solutions for Tomorrow

Solutions for Tomorrow offer hospitals and clinics innovative X-ray units. Alten has been a partner throughout the product development process and has contributed to a successful product through the use design thinking.

SFT aimed to set the standard for next-generation mobile X-ray units. Through several patented technical solutions, they had the ability to make a product much more flexible and accessible than the competitors solutions. They also wanted the product to be highly user-centered, and possess a modern design that reflects the technical innovations contained inside.

Through an iterative design process, and with insights from hospital medical staff in focus, Alten has contributed to the creation of a unique product that eases the every day work of X-ray nurses. By it´s well thought-out design, all maneuvering can be performed ergonomically and every single detail is designed to meet the high hygienic requirements.

Beyond full responsibility for the industrial design, Alten also delivered mechanical designs for all plastic parts, interface design and marketing material.