Enhancing visitor experience through a mobile app

A UX design project for Carl Larsson-gården

Carl Larsson-Gården wanted a mobile app that would tell the story of the artist couple Carl & Karin Larsson, and serve as a guide for visitors. The app also aimed to attract new visitors and provide exposure of Carl Larsson-Gården through social media.

By putting together a cross-functional team of IT developers, designers and 3D artists, Alten was able to manage the whole process from concept to finished product. An Agile approach, with fast iterations and a close collaboration with the customer, made the project highly time-efficient and was crucial in creating innovative solutions.

Carl & Karin is a technically advanced mobile app for iOS and Android where the technology takes second place to the art, design and graphics. The app frames the artist couple in a way that attracts a target audience, from 10-year-olds with an interest in mobile gaming to the more mature art connoisseur seeking detailed knowledge and interesting curiosities. With the help of augmented reality, the user can also experience the Carl Larsson Garden in 3D.