Information film for Smart Grid Gotland

A Communication and Visualization project for Smart Grid Gotland

Smart Grid Gotland is a visionary development project that aims to integrate more renewable electricity into the power grid. The project is jointly managed by several key players in the Swedish energy sector who are looking to raise awareness of Smart Grid Gotland for a large audience by providing a simple and clear visualization of a complex project.

ALTEN suggested an information film about the project, partly to describe the basic mechanisms as clearly and concisely as possible without complex details, and partly to facilitate the dissemination of information via all the key players’ websites and social media. The aim was to make a film that elevated the project visually with a modern impression. As we had all the necessary skills in-house, we could deliver from storyboard and script work to 3D, post production and sound design.

The information film for Smart Grid Gotland shows, in an educational way, the challenges and solutions that are possible in integrating renewable electricity into the power grid. The film premiered at the 2014 Almedalen Week on Gotland.