Intubation simulation manikin

A multidisciplinary design project for Mittep

The Anestetix (TM) intubation simulator manufactured by Mittep is a manikin combined with a 3d gaming simulation application used for practicing intubation. Mittep needed help to redesign and improve the manikin used in their simulator system.

Intubation is the insertion of a flexible plastic tube through a patient’s windpipe in order to maintain an open airway or to serve as a channel through which to provide certain drugs. It is frequently performed on critically injured, ill or anesthetized patients.

Students and junior doctors often struggle to learn intubation since it is difficult to simulate and practice. Mittep’s combination of a 3d gaming platform and a physical manikin enables practising various intubation scenarios in a realistic manner.

One of the top challenges of the project was that the manikin must be perceived as lifelike in terms of movement, texture and flexibility. The user experience requirements became particularly challenging to meet due to the small production series, which subsequently limited the possibilities regarding material and manufacturing methods.

Due to the product’s complex organic forms, the 3d models were developed in collaboration with our talented CGI-team. Alten’s way of working in close collaboration with the customer, in multidisciplinary teams with design, CGI and engineering competence is an exceptionally effective approach to generate design concepts and quickly make design alterations and iterations. Additionally, numerous 3d printed prototypes where created during the project in order to test and verify mechanical solutions and design for assembly.

In only 4 weeks, the team from Alten managed to create a production ready manikin, which by far met the customer’s expectations. The successful outcome has since resulted in Alten’s Design and Visualisation department being entrusted to redesign additional components in the Anestetix (TM) intubation simulator system.