Visualization of Assembly line

A CG project for Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco needed help visualizing advanced technical products for a digital sales app. The aim was to demonstrate a number of bult wrenches designed for various purposes. These wrenches needed to be visualized in clear and stylistically pure animations, to make it easy for the sales staff to see which wrench would best suit a specific customer.

When using animations during sales meetings it’s important that the final animations are in line with reality. Alten worked together with Atlas Copco in order to define a visual style suited for that purpose. CAD data from Atlas Copco was prepared and a set up was created in a 3d-environment.

With help of videos and pictures, correct materials were added and movement patterns defined. Insight into unique selling points was used to make sure that the right information was in focus and shown in the right way before the actual animations were done. Additionally, speed and camera angels where analysed and defined together with Atlas Copco to make it easy to follow and understand the animations.

The result of this project is accurate and self-explanatory animations that show Atlas Copco’s products in a holistic way. The wide range of the companies’ product assortment is intuitively described along with specific cues that show how Atlas Copcos products suitable for each customer.

The sales app is highly appreciated and the role of the animations is essential. The sales situation is made easier when sales staff are able to demonstrate complicated functionality. The animations are also used on the web to increase the interest for Atlas Copco’s products among future customers.