Visualization of Volvo Penta Engines

A CG visualization project for Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta asked Alten to produce pictures of their industrial engine range. The pictures were to be used at the Bauma fair in China. At the time, 2 out of 5 of Volvo Penta’s engines were already in the market and 2 were incomplete and still in development. The main challenge of the project was to generate pictures of the non-existent engines that would match the already existing marketing material, which at the time mainly consisted of studio photographs.

Throughout the project, Alten collaborated closely with Volvos advertising agency in order to ensure that the pictures where in line with previous material. To match the CG images with the pre-existing photographs, Alten gathered a large amount of material samples. The samples where studied in great detail in order to be able to reproduce the materials visual properties in the renderings.

Due to Altens Volvo satellite, the handling of CAD material was managed in a very efficient manner. Through a tight collaboration with Volvo Penta and their advertising agency, Alten managed to deliver high quality photorealistic images that met all requirements.